Thomas Dudley

1576 ~ 1653

My Maternal 11th Great Grandfather

My 11th great grandfather, Thomas Dudley was born

12 October 1576 in the Village of Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire, England

the son of Roger Dudley and Susannah Thorne.

On 25 April 1603, at the age of 27, he married Dorothy Yorke in England.


They had five children:






From Wikipedia:


"Thomas Dudley was a colonial magistrate who served several terms as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Dudley was the chief founder of Newtowne, later Cambridge, Massachusetts, and built the town's first home. He provided land and funds to establish the Roxbury Latin School, and signed Harvard College's new charter during his 1650 term as governor. Dudley was a devout Puritan who was opposed to religious views not conforming with his. In this he was more rigid than other early Massachusetts leaders like John Winthrop, but less confrontational than John Endecott.

The son of a military man who died when he was young, Dudley saw military service himself during the French Wars of Religion, and then acquired some legal training before entering the service of his likely kinsman the Earl of Lincoln. Along with other Puritans in Lincoln's circle, Dudley helped organize the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, sailing with Winthrop in 1630. Although he served only four one-year terms as governor of the colony, he was regularly in other positions of authority.

Dudley's descendants include his daughter Anne Bradstreet (1612–1672), the prominent early American poet, and many famous Americans. One of the gates of Harvard Yard, which existed from 1915 to 1947, was named in his honor, and Harvard's Dudley House is named for the family."

In 1597, Thomas Dudley Fought in the Siege of Amiens during the Franco-Spanish War.

Thomas died 31 Jul 1653 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA

He was 77 years old.


He is buried in Eliot Burying Ground in

Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA

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My Relationship to Thomas Dudley

Thomas Dudley b. 1576  d. 1653

My Maternal 11th Great Grandfather

Mercy Dudley ( 1621 - 1691)

My Maternal 10th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Isaac Thomas Dudley

Reverend John Woodbridge ( 1644 - 1691)
My Maternal 9th Great Grandfather

Son of Mercy Dudley

Mercy Woodbridge ( 1672 - 1707)
My Maternal 8th Great Grandmother

Daughter of of Reverend John Woodbridge

Benjamin Ruggles ( 1699 - 1782)
My Maternal 7th Great Grandfather

Son of Mercy Woodbridge

Abijah Ruggles ( 1728 - ?)
My Maternal 6th Great Grandfather

Son of Benjamin Ruggles


Isaac Matthew Ruggles ( 1754 - ?)
My Maternal 5th Great Grandfather

Son of Abijah Ruggles 

Sherman Ruggles ( 1789 - ?)
My Maternal 4th Great Grandfather

Son of Isaac Matthew Ruggles

Hannah Doolittle Ruggles ( 1826 - ?)
My Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother

Daughter of Sherman Ruggles

Martha Jane Perkins ( 1850 - 1947)
My Maternal 2nd Great Grandmother

Daughter of of Hannah Doolittle Ruggles

Fannie Elena Tillotson ( 1867 - 1951)
My Maternal Great Grandmother

Daughter of Martha Jane Perkins

Lee Orville Collins ( 1904 - 1959)
My Maternal Grandfather

Son of Fannie Elena Tillotson


LIVING Collins ( 1937 - LIVING)
My Mother

Daughter of Lee Orville Collins


Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany

Daughter of LIVING Collins

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