Asa Manley

1735 ~ 1788

My Maternal 5th Great Grandfather

My 5th great grandfather, Asa Manley was born

23 Feb 1735 in Coventry, Windham County, Connecticut,

the son of George Manley and Elizabeth Turner.

On 16 Mar 1780, at the age of 45, he married Eunice Dimmick, the

widow of Lt. Israel Gurley.

Asa and Eunice were married in Coventry, Connecticut, USA.


Asa was a Revolutionary soldier having served as a private in the Lexington Alarm. He was drafted for military service in the spring of 1777.

He was a patriot for he did manufacture gunpowder (saltpeter), and is recorded as having delivered 2 lbs. 4 oz. of gunpowder on 11 Jan 1777 to the Mill at Windham, Connecticut.

He was a Private in the 1st Regiment of the Connecticut Militia.

He is listed in Volume 12 of Lists and Returns of Connecticut Men in the Revolution on page 218.

DAR Ancestor # A073380

Asa died in March of 1788 in Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, USA.

He was 53 years old.


He is buried in Nathan Hale Cemetery in

Coventry, Tolland County, Connecticut, USA

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My Relationship to Asa Manley

Asa Manley b. 1735  d. 1788

My Maternal 5th Great Grandfather

Chloe Manley ( 1783 - ?)
My Maternal 4X Great Grandmother

Daughter of Asa Manley

Samuel Perkins ( 1817 - ?)
My Maternal 3X Grandfather

Son of Chloe Manley

Martha Jane Perkins ( 1850 - 1947)
My Maternal 2X Grandmother

Daughter of of Samuel Perkins

Fannie Elena Tillotson ( 1867 - 1951)
My Maternal Great Grandmother

Daughter of Martha Jane Perkins

Lee Orville Collins ( 1904 - 1959)
My Maternal Grandfather

Son of Fannie Elena Tillotson


LIVING Collins ( 1937 - LIVING)
My Mother

Daughter of Lee Orville Collins


Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany

Daughter of LIVING Collins

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