Daniel Belden

b. 1648 - d. 1732

My Maternal 9th Great Grandfather

Who Is Daniel Belden?

Daniel Belden was born 20 November 1648 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.

The son of William Belden and Thomasin Sherwood.

On 10 November 1670 he married Elizabeth Foote.

Daniel died 14 August 1732 in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

He is buried in Old Deerfield Burying Ground

Those are the facts. But there is so much more to tell.

What this man survived, the rest of us can not possibly comprehend. 

On 16 September 1696, Daniel Belden and his family experienced what can only be described as pure hell. On this day, a party of Mohawks from Kahnawake came along from up Green River to the town of Deerfield. Their intent...a hostile attack on the village. In the attack, Daniel's wife, my maternal 9th great grandmother, Elizabeth, and three of his children, Daniel age 16, John age 4, and Thankful age 1 were murdered. His daughter Abigail age 11 and son Samuel age 9 were injured in the attack. Samuel's wound being so unthinkable that Cotton Mather wrote of it in his book Magnalia Christi Americana: "The Indians making an Assault upon Deerfield, in this Present War, they struck a Hatchet some Inches into the Skull of a Boy there, even so deep that the Boy felt the force of a Wrench used by 'em to get it out. There he lay a long while Weltering in his Blood; they found him, they Dress'd him' considerable Quantities of his Brain came out from time to time when they opened the Wound; yet the Lad recovered, and is now a Living Monument of the Power and Goodness of God."

His daughter Sarah escaped death and capture by hiding.

Daniel, and two of his children, Nathaniel age 21, and Hester age 13, and two other residents of Deerfield were captured by the Mohawks.


Stephen Williams' Narrative says: "When Mr. B. & company came to the fort called Oso the males were obliged to run the Gauntlet near it. Mr. B. being a very nimble...man, received but few blows, save at first setting out, but the other men were much abused by clubs firebrands &c." DANIEL and his daughter were at first kept by the Indians. Later he was sold "...& lived as a servant with the Jesuits at the Seminary; his business was to wait upon them & cutt wood, make fires & tend the garden &c. He accounted himself favorably dealt with." NATHANIEL "worked for the Holy Sisters." After Ryswick, "the Dutch Gentlemen" gathered up what captives...they could and returned june 8 & took Mr. B. and his xdren and Martin Smith...& arrived in Albany in about 15 days." There Belding and his children were clothed at the expense of his brother who lived in Norwalk.

They returned to Deerfield by way of New York and Connecticut.

On his return to Deerfield, Daniel Belden married Hepzibah Buell on 17 February 1698. "In the pre-dawn hours of February 29, 1704, a force of about 300 French and Native allies launched a daring raid on the English settlement of Deerfield, Massachusetts, situated in the Pocumtuck homeland. 112 Deerfield men, women, and children were captured and taken on a 300-mile forced march to Canada in harsh winter conditions. Some of the captives were later redeemed and returned to Deerfield, but one-third chose to remain among their French and Native captors."

Daniel was one of those that returned to Deerfield. He then took a third wife, who outlived him, he dying in 1732.



My Relationship To Daniel Belden

Daniel Belden to Me

Daniel Belden b. 1648 d. 1732

My Maternal 9th Great Grandfather

William Belden - b.  1671 d. 1759

My Maternal 8th Great Grandfather

Son of Daniel Belden

Mary Belden - b.  1709 d. ????

My Maternal 7th Great Grandmother

Daughter of William Belden

William Betts - b.  1736 d. ????

My Maternal 6th Great Grandfather

Son of Mary Belden

Molly Betts - b.  1760 d. ????

My Maternal 5th Great Grandmother

Daughter of William Betts

Sherman Ruggles - b. 1789  d. ????

My Maternal 4th Great Grandfather

Son of Molly Betts

Hannah Doolittle Ruggles - b. 1826 d. 1908

My Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother

Daughter of Sherman Ruggles

Martha Jane Perkins - b. 1850 d. 1947

My Maternal 2nd Great Grandmother

Daughter of Hannah Doolittle Ruggles

Fannie Elena Tillotson - b. 1867 d. 1951

My Maternal Great Grandmother

Daughter of Martha Jane Perkins

Lee Orville Collins - b. 1904 d. 1959

My Maternal Grandfather

Son of Fannie Elena Tillotson

Elaine Rose Collins - b. 1937 d. Living

My Mother

Daughter of Lee Orville Collins

Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany


Daughter of Elaine Rose Collins

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