Silas Tillotson

1807 ~ 1863

My Maternal 3rd Great Grandfather

My 3rd great grandfather, Silas Tillotson was born

in 1807 in Vermont, USA.

He married Lucy Langdon.

Silas died 11 May 1863 in Clymer, Chautauqua, New York, USA


He is buried in Waits Corners Cemetery in 

Chautauqua County, New York, USA

My Relationship to Silas Tillotson

Silas Tillotson (1809 - 1863)
My Maternal 3rd Great Grandfather


Jared N Tillotson (1844 - 1883)
My Maternal 2nd Great Grandfather

Son of Silas Tillotson


Fannie Ellena Tillotson (1867 - 1951)
My Maternal Great Grandmother

Daughter of Jared N Tillotson


Lee Orville Collins (1905 - 1959)
My Maternal Grandfather

Son of Fannie Ellena Tillotson


Elaine Rose Collins (1937 - )
My Mother

Daughter of Lee Orville Collins


Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany


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