Family Members That Served Our Country

As Union Soldiers During The American Civil War

George Washington Reeder b. 1837 - d. 1914

My Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather

Enlisted in Company D, Kentucky 22nd Infantry Regiment on 10 Jan 1862.

Promoted to Full Private on 10 Aug 1864.

Mustered out on 20 Jan 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Enoch Eden b. 1832 - d. 1923

Enlisted in the Union Army 17 Mar 1862 at Camp Ford, Knox County, Kentucky, USA. as a Private in the First Cavalry unit.

#18 My Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather

Jared Nelson Tillotson b. 1844 - d. 1883

Enlisted in the Union Army in 28 September 1861 at Sherman, New York.

Enlisted in Company E, New York 9th Cavalry Regiment on 2 October 1861.

Mustered out of service 9 Apr 1862 at Washington, DC.

Reenlisted in the Union Army, Company H, 112th New York Infantry on 

25 Aug 1862 at Sherman, New York.

Lost his left leg during the Battle of Cold Harbor on 1 Jun 1864.

Discharged 10 Apr 1865.


#26 My Maternal 2nd Great Grandfather

David H Conley b. 1806 - d. 1880

My Paternal 3rd Great Grandfather

Enlisted in the Union Army as a Sergeant in Company E, of the

Kentucky 65th Infantry Battalion on 21 May 1864.

Mustered out of service on 21 Jun 1864.

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