A Family of Witches

Mary Royce AKA Mary Staples  b. 1634 - d. 1696

At a court of Magistrates held May 29, 1653/54, the plaintiff Thomas Staples claimed that Roger Ludlow had defamed his wife in reporting to Mr. and Mrs. Davenport that firstly, she had caused Knapp's wife to be "new searched" after she was hanged, and when she saw her teats, said if they were the marks of a witch then she was one, or that she had such marks; secondly, Mr. Ludlow said Knapp's wife told him that Goodwife Staples was a witch; thirdly, Mr. Ludlow had slandered Goodwife Staples in saying she made a trade of lying. The magistrate present, Theophilus Eaton Esq., Governor of Connecticut, Mr. Stephen Goodyear, Deputy Governor, together with Francis Newman, William Fowler and William Leete found Goodwife Staples innocent of being a witch and that Ludlow had truly slandered her. He was ordered to pay a fine of 10 pounds damages and 5 pounds for trouble caused. Nearly 40 years later, after Mrs. Staples had been widowed, she found herself accused again. On September 15, 1692, at the height of the Salem witch trials, Mary Staples along with four others were arrested and tried in Fairfield Connecticut. While Staples was acquitted, two of the women were subjected to the "Water test". It appears that none of the women suffered capital punishment. As this was a time when the hysteria was winding down and common sense began to return to the people, possibly reason found its place in Fairfield as well. Mrs. Staples died four years later.

My Maternal 9th Great Grandmother

Deliverance Hazeltine AKA Deliverance Dane

b. ? - d. 1735

Mary Bliss Parsons b. 1628- d. 1712

Accused of witchcraft in 1674 in Northampton, Massachusetts.

She was sent to Boston for trial and was acquitted.

She was the victim of witchcraft rumors the rest of her life.

My Maternal 10th Great Aunt

Mary Perkins AKA Mary Bradbury

b. ?- d. 1700

My Maternal 9th Great Grand Aunt

John Alden

b. - c. 1626 - d. 1701

 My Paternal 9th Great Grand Uncle

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