Dorothy Julia Weber

1907 ~ 1990

My Maternal Grandmother

My grandmother, Dorothy Julia Weber, was born 23 April 1907

in Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

She was the daughter of Ferdinand Carl Weber

and Rosina Sophia Pfirman(20)


Funny and true story:

When Dorothy was born, her mother Rosina had chosen the name Dorothy Julia for her daughter. Well Rosina's mother-in-law went behind her back and filled out the paperwork with the midwife. It was not until the 1970's when my uncle took Dorothy to Erie to get a copy of her birth certificate that she discovered her legal name was Florence Rosa Weber! He had a lot of fun teasing her and calling her "Flo". She completed the paperwork to make the correction on her birth certificate to Dorothy Julia...and all was right again.

On 28 May 1927, Dorothy married Lee Orville Collins in

Ripley, Chautauqua, New York, USA(19)


Dorothy died on a cold, rainy morning, 22 January 1990 

in Independence, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA.

She passed away at her home at 6920 Hemoga St.

The cause of her death was cancer. (1), (12)

She is buried in Lutheran Cemetery in 

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA (1), (5)

My Relationship to Dorothy Julia Weber

Dorothy Julia Weber b. 1907 d. 1990

My Maternal Grandmother

LIVING Collins b. 1937 
My Mother

Daughter of Dorothy Julia Weber


Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany

Daughter of LIVING Collins

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