John Milton Blevins

1877 ~ 1946

My Paternal Great Grandfather

My great grandfather, John Milton Blevins was born 27 May 1877 

in Elliott County, Kentucky, USA. (9), (10), (11), (16), (22), (24), (25), (26)

The son of James Blevins and Mary Ann Tackett.

On 4 May 1909, at the age of 31, He married 17 year old Loretta Williams. (13)

They had three children:

Annie Blevins b. 1910  d. 1993

Margaret Lenora Blevins b. 1911 d. 2003

Lantford Blevins b. 1914  d, 1993

His wife died at the age of 22. Cause of her death was postpartum

complications after giving birth to their 3rd child.


Not quite two years later, on  7 February 1916, when he was 38 years of age, he married 16 year old Zera Reeder, the daughter of William Winston Reeder

and Margaret Roberta Eden. in Carter County, Kentucky, USA.   (25)

They had ten children.

John died in 1946 in Carter County, Kentucky, USA (5)

He is buried in Garvin Ridge Cemetery in 

Olive Hill, Carter County, Kentucky, USA  (5)


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John Milton Blevins
John Milton Blevins
John Milton Blevins
John Milton Blevins

My Relationship to John Milton Blevins

John Milton Blevins b. 1877 d. 1946

My Paternal Great Grandfather

Margaret Lenora Blevins (1911 - 2003)
My Paternal Grandmother

Daughter of John Milton Blevins


Bobby Michael Reeder (1942 - 2010)
My Father

Son of Margaret Lenora Blevins


Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany

Daughter of Bobby Michael Reeder

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