Norman Percevel Rockwell

b. 1894 - d. 1978


My Maternal 9th Cousin 2X Removed
Our Shared Ancestor : Henry Smith

Who Is Norman Percevel Rockwell?

Norman was born 3 Feb 1894 in New York, New York, USA.
He was the son of Jarvis Waring Rockwell and Anne Mary Hill.
In 1916 Norman married his first wife, Irene O'Connor.
They divorced in 1930.
Later that year, he married Mary Barstow, a schoolteacher, and
the couple had three sons, Jarvis Waring, Thomas Rhodes, and Peter Barstow.
Mary died in 1959.
Norman married his 3rd wife,
Mary Leete "Mollie" Punderson (1896-1985), on October 25, 1961.
Norman died 8 November 1978 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, at the age of 84.
He is buried in Stockbridge Cemetery

Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA

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"Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed."
~Norman Rockwell

Some of Norman Rockwell's Art


"Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I've always called myself an illustrator. I'm not sure what the difference is. All I know is that whatever type of work I do, I try to give it my very best. Art has been my life."
~ Norman Rockwell

My Relationship To Norman Rockwell

My Maternal 9th Cousin 2X Removed
Our Shared Ancestor : Henry Smith

Henry Smith to Me

Henry Smith b. ???? d. ????

My Maternal 10th Great Grandfather

Mary Smith - b.  ???? d. ????

My Maternal 9th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Henry Smith

Mary Hale - b.  ???? d. ????

My Maternal 8th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Mary Smith

Martha Benjamin - b.  ???? d. ????

My Maternal 7th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Mary Hale

David Seeley - b.  1731 d. ????

My Maternal 6th Great Grandfather

Son of Martha Benjamin

Prudence Seeley - b.  1759 d. ????

My Maternal 5th Great Grandmother

Daughter of David Seeley

Sapphira Higher - b. ???? d. ????

My Maternal 4th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Prudence Seeley

Silas Tillotson - b. c. 1809 d. ????

My Maternal 3rd Great Grandfather

Son of Sapphira Higher

Jared Nelson Tillotson - b. 1842 d. 1883

My Maternal 2nd Great Grandfather

Son of Silas Tillotson

Fannie Elena Tillotson - b. 1867 d. 1951

My Maternal Great Grandmother

Daughter of Martha Jane Perkins

Lee Orville Collins - b. 1904 d. 1959

My Maternal Grandfather

Son of Fannie Elena Tillotson

Elaine Rose Collins - b. 1937 d. Living

My Mother

Daughter of Lee Orville Collins

Henry Smith to Norman Rockwell

Henry Smith b. ???? d. ????

Norman's Paternal 8th Great Grandfather

Richard Smith - b.  ???? d. ????

Norman's Paternal 7th Great Grandfather

Son of Henry Smith

Elizabeth Smith - b.  ???? d. ????

Norman's's Paternal 6th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Richard Smith

Joseph Whitney - b.  ???? d. ????

Norman's Paternal 5th Great Grandfather

Son of Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Whitney - b.c. 1715 d. ????

Norman's Paternal 4th Great Grandmother

Daughter of Joseph Whitney

Esther Riggs - b. c. 1753 d. 1816

Norman's Paternal 3rd Great Grandmother

Daughter of Elizabeth Whitney

Runa Rockwell - b.  1773 d. 1864

Norman's Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather

Son of Esther Riggs

Samuel Darling Rockwell - b. ???? d. ????

Norman's Paternal Great Grandfather

Son of Runa Rockwell

John William Rockwell - b. 1838 d. ????

Norman's Paternal Grandfather

Son of Samuel Darling Rockwell

Jarvis Waring Rockwell - b. c. 1868 d. ????

Norman's Father

Son of John William Rockwell

Norman Percevel Rockwell b. 1894 d. 1978

Son of Jarvis Waring Rockwell

Cynthia Jean Meyers-Germany


Daughter of Elaine Rose Collins

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