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The Ancestry Place is a website that is based is the small town of Anna, Ohio in the United States of America. Which leaves us bewildered as to why we need to be "GDPR Compliant". It's unfair to American businesses to force them to make any changes to their websites to be compliant with the laws of any foreign country, and frankly we question the legality of it.

We are also very surprised that no one else seems to be questioning the legality of it. If other countries are concerned about the privacy of it's citizens, they can always control which sites their citizens visit, as they already do. If EU citizens are concerned about their own privacy, they can always choose not to visit websites based in other countries. That is the way international business is conducted. "When in Rome" people, When in Rome....But to ask U.S. businesses to "comply" with foreign laws is nothing short of sinister.

That being said, at this time, The Ancestry Place sells nothing , no products, no services. Additionally, we offer no mailing list or subscription services. The only data collected from this website is the benign data collected by Google Analytics, and we don't keep that either. Quite frankly, we are here to provide you with information, not collect it. 

If that becomes a legal issue for us at any time, we will simply take down this website, and cease to provide you with this free service.

Last Site Update: 30 Mar 2019

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