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The Ancestry Place.... Past,Present,Future

So here we are. On this lovely spring day, we find ourselves in our new home, in the beautiful, historic Anna, Ohio.

We were brought here by a house. A very old house. About 140 years old to be exact. My amazing husband, is a retired United States Marine. In our search for THE place to retire, the place that we will stay in for the rest of our days, we wanted a home with a history. That diamond in the rough. A home that needed some love and attention to bring it back to life, and plenty of projects tough enough to keep a Marine both challenged and entertained. No small task I assure you. It also had to accommodate our business.

As soon as we saw this old girl on the internet, we just knew. This is THE ONE!

Diamond In The Rough

We were looking for history, and had no idea just how many hats our girl has worn over the years. Thanks to the kindness of our wonderful Anna neighbors, we've been learning quite a bit about our home. Gene from next door, bought us a book...the memoirs of the elderly woman that was the previous owner. Her name was Rosie and she was a piano player. Her and her late husband Eddy traveled with a vaudeville act. They were very interesting people with a great story. In her book, she talks about this house. Aside from a great physical description, the high ceilings, and room count, she talks a bit about the history that she knew. She and Eddy bought this place shortly after World War ll. They raised their children here. Eddy had a small appliance store in the downstairs storefront. She mentions the invention of television and how people would gather here to watch TV in the store. She mentions a great fire that this home narrowly escaped, being saved by the building next door with it's strange fire proof roof. She talks about what she knew of the home's was a saloon downstairs, with a separate entrance to a dance hall upstairs. And she mentioned how this home survived a terrible earthquake in 1937. Not a single chimney in the town of Anna survived. Including the multiple chimneys this home used to have. You can see that they once existed in this old photo of downtown Anna. The upper portion of our house, and it's three long lost chimneys are visible on the left. The group of men are standing in front of our house.

Rosie also talked at length about her many years as the town librarian. Many people here in Anna remember our house as the Anna, Library.

Rosie in front of her library

Her story was so amazing, I could not put that book down until it was finished! And thanks to her, we learned much about our home. But...there was more to learn.

A few weeks ago, as we were working on our front porch, another neighbor, Sharon, stopped by to introduce herself. She knew quite a bit about Anna and it's history, The following week, she dropped by with a printed photo. I was not only amazed by the extreme kindness of the citizens of Anna once again, but by the photo itself.

Turns out, our home was also the Anna Post Office in 1912!

We could not be more thrilled!

As the weather gets warmer, we're putting our energy into outdoor restoration projects. After looking at the 1912 photo, we were a bit curious how the round porch columns became square ones. Well, the hubby decided to pry off one side of a square column to take a peek. Guess what! The original columns were hidden inside!

This is one of the reasons why we wanted a house like this one. We just love history, and discovery. We know that this old house of ours holds many more surprises and mysteries. Just like a family tree.

What better place to build "The Ancestry Place".

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